logo my helper's kitchen3I love food and I love exploring a new culture through its food and its food markets.

When we arrived here in Singapore a couple of month ago, I was 6 month pregnant with my third child, tired and overheated. The house we lived in only had a wet kitchen, understand a kitchen outside, covered but in the Singaporean heat,  which made it unbearable for me to cook.

To make things easier, less hard on my self that is during these last month of pregnancy, I announced to the entire family (my husband, my 4 years old daughter and my 2 years old son) that if they expected me to cook it was no problem but they will be choosing from 2 dishes for the next few month: pasta with ketchup or cereals with powered milk  and that is for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But this just wasn’t me.
– I was raised by a “mom in the kitchen” who can put out spectacular cuisine with just about anything. When I was young I use to do my homework next to the stove so she could keep an eye on me (and me an eye on the night’s diner).
Since birth my palet has been awaken by dishes from the world with not only french cheese & baguette and crème brulée ( I am French) but coconut chicken, carry (a dish with curry but not the indian curry dish you know), sweet potato&chocolate cake… When I was young I was taught it was ok to eat a banana with camember cheese… Hmmmm . I have never opened a jar of baby food for my children ( it is ok if you do, I am not judging)… –
So pasta with ketchup or cereals with powered milk for 2 month was actually not really an option.

Therefor, we decided that the better option to find someone to help me around the house and this definently INCLUDED the kitchen.

This is how we came to hired a helper as they call it here. But not just any helper, we found an “Auntie”, as they call it here, that we actually call “Nounou”, as we would in France, who loves food just about as much as we do!

She likes to learn about our western dishes, indian and african ones. She teaches me about asian cuisine. Together we share our food culture and explore new recipes.

This blog is to share all  those recipes, recipes from here, recipes from home, recipes from the world, recipe that we have fun talking about and making. This is everyday cooking.

So in the kitchen now! or should I say in my helper’s kitchen?

All the recipes, unless specified otherwise, serves 3 adults ( my helper, my husband and I) and 2 young children ( 5 and 3). OK-lah? 🙂


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